In 2014, Operation Walk Mooresville gave the gift of mobility to 85 Nicaraguan patients through 115 total hip and knee replacements and foot and ankle surgeries. Lives were changed.


Surgeries conclude. Staff says goodbye to patients.


Drs. Ritter and Salas have a news conference and a patient proudly demonstrates her walking for the cameras. Surgeries and physical therapy continue.


Drs. Ritter and Richardson do rounds, surgeons continue to operate and physical therapy begins. Patients are grateful.


Surgeries begin to correct patient mobility problems.

Clinic Sunday

The rest of team arrived safely to Managua. After dropping off their luggage at the hotel, we headed to the hospital for Clinic Sunday! The team got to see the patients that will be operated on, and setup the weekly schedule.

Its an honor to have the opportunity to give the patients are better way of life.

Setup Saturday

Stay tuned for photos, videos and patient stories that will be posted throughout the week!

The “early group” is already in Managua, Nicaragua setting up the logistic side of the trip, and are excited to have the rest of team join tomorrow for what will be a great week! There are many Nicaraguans that are waiting for the opportunity to have a better quality of life, and we are excited to have the opportunity to help them.